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Shroud of turin dating 2016

You can count over 100 whip marks, possibly from scourging by Roman , and identify on his wrists and feet obvious wounds that could have been from large spikes.

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The links I used never suggested he did not do science. I posted that the origin of the material he used in testing is of questionable origin. I substantiated those statements with links showing that the material used was collected by a vacuum cleaner and sticky tape. I did read somewhere that the shroud fragment was held up to see if there were any inconsistencies in the appearance, by backlighting it, and that nothing was seen to be amiss. Many findings in science are found to as you say "... suspect." That means that the methods were not adequate. [More]Fanti reports that his analysis is of shroud fibers. There is no evidence for it and yet they say something to effect of, "See what an expert repair job it was?

Shown above is a picture of what the shroud of Turin looks like when it is completely stretched out to its full length of 14 feet 3 inches (4.4 Meter) and width of 3 feet 7 inches (1.1 Meter).

These include Nyoscyamus aureus, Artemisia herba-alba and Onosma syriacum. Image on the Shroud The shadowy image on the shroud is, of course, its most unique and enigmatic feature.

One of the problems with Fanti's work is that the material he used in the dating is of questionable origin. Were these materials from the shroud, the backing, the image areas, the non-image areas, from people handling it in med... " If medieval artisans were such experts then why can't they have made this forgery?

It seems to be from material collected by a vacuum cleaner. Is Fanti plagued by the same invisible weave problem? He put his material into a book, not a peer reviewed journal. The repair would have required staining that exactly matches the rest of the clo...

The testing of the shroud and the conclusions reached lie basically in two areas, the physical shroud itself and the very unique image on the shroud.