Start So many white women dating black men

So many white women dating black men

Though the marriage ended in 1954, the couple did give birth to Angelou’s only child, son Guy Johnson.

What would the difference be in how chinese men and their parents view me because I am half instead of full caucasian?

He’s not a half-Chinese and half-White woman like you, but his words are telling.

I’ve gotten a few notes from fans over the years Read More…

I am biracial, with a chinese mother and a caucasian father.

If you look at many black men in Hollywood, sports, music or hell, just the black men in the world around you, you’ll find that a lot of them have dated white women, and done so proudly–which they should, it’s your life, and it’s a free country.

But on the opposite end of the color spectrum, there aren’t many white Hollywood men you can think of off the top of your head running around snapping photos arm-in-arm with African-American women.

I can only imagine how awkward the Asian-Caucasian dating scene must be for you.