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Sonic dating sim walkthrough

My Nintendo fanboyism had stopped me from playing Sonic Adventure on its home system, but now that it was on Nintendo, anything goes. Quite a few of the characters (Im looking at you, Big) have really stupid missions, and the game is very easy in general (sounds pretty dumb to say in a walkthrough, but at least Im honest...).

Don't worry, the shippers got what they wanted in the end.

Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut --------------------------------- Copyright 2005-2007 Brian Mc Phee Author: Kirby021591 (Brian Mc Phee) Most Recent Update: April 14, 2007 Originally Created: October 30, 2005 Version 1.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1* Introduction* Navigation* Storyline* Items & Objects* Section 2* Sonic the Hedgehog* Miles Tails Prower* Knuckles the Echidna* Amy Rose* E-102 Gamma* Big the Cat* Other Characters* Section 3* Action Trial Emblems* Sub Game Emblems* Adventure Field Emblems* Emblem Checklist* Section 4* Character Upgrades* Mission Mode* Chao Garden* Secrets* FAQ* Section 5* Credits and Legal Information* ----------------------------------------------------------------------- _________________________________________________________________ / \ / \ ||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------|| \ / \_________________________________________________________________/ ======================================================================= =============================Introduction*============================= ======================================================================= Why, welcome to the guide!

All the goals and details of how to complete them are below.