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Sri lankan girls who chat on skyp

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They were arguing over his drinking habit and then she turned the camera, setting it properly so that he could see her committing the act of hanging herself, according to police sources.

It is reported that she had warned him that she would end her life, if he did not give up his habit.

Eravur Police, who is investigating the case, contacted the husband in Qatar and has obtained his statement.

The police said the couple had been frequently quarrelling on Skype over the husband's drinking problem.

The group’s first stop was Sri Lanka, where they spent two weeks rehearsing the whole piece with their Sri Lankan counterparts, before staging a huge performance in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

In India, the Rwandan group staged performances in three different places–in Kashmir, at the Bharat Rang Mahotsav festival in New Delhi, and in Kerala state.

For her part, De Chickera had started a project in Sri Lanka of interviewing people over the age of 80 about what information they wanted to pass on to the next generation. It is a three part performance that maps the history of both countries through the last century, showing aspects of traditional culture and moments where humanity failed.