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Some people write off people who say they are bi as being confused or going through a phase.

So here is important information for any teen who identifies as bisexual or who is wondering about how this sexual orientation works.

Bisexual individuals are sexually and romantically attracted to people of the opposite gender and people of the same gender. Plenty of bisexual people are monogamous and some aren't.

Sometimes this means that the teen is gay, lesbian or bisexual. However it is totally possible to be a bisexual male!

There's no way for an outsider to know, for in the protean world of young female sexuality, where all forms of expression or modeled, nothing is certain." That reference to Britney Spears and Madonna points to their now-famous prime-time kiss on television.

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September 23 marks Bi Visibility Day, aka Bisexual Pride Day, and in its honor, we’re talking about our favorite “bi-proud” YAs.

According to Stepp, this new trend towards "lesbian chic" is apparent in Washington, D. The issue was not boy-girl kisses, but girls openly and loudly kissing each other.