Start Updating ata controller

Updating ata controller

Primary motivation for such a switch is to gain additional performance from disk I/O (SATA NCQ), especially for SSD hardware.

1) On your keyboard, press Windows logo key and X at the same time, then choose Device Manager.

2) In Device Manager window, locate and expand the option IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

The interval rate for the error condition to occur is 1-4 weeks, and will only occur if the drive encounters a disk error when running this routine.

In my case, this blue screen of death happened every once in a while and on the verge of driving me crazy.

This article explains how to switch from IDE to AHCI after installation of Windows XP, how to change disk controller mode from IDE to AHCI without reinstalling Windows.

This article is for users who want to switch SATA controller from IDE-compatible mode (aka ATA-compatible mode) to AHCI mode without reinstalling Windows XP.

Please follow the directions below to download and install the firmware update for your WD1600YS, WD2500YS, WD4000YS, or WD5000YS hard drive.