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Updating java

Worse yet, Java bundles this junkware with security updates.

These cover runtime compatibility and come in two flavours; headless (omits graphical interfaces) and normal.

When you run it, all required files get downloaded and installed.

The offline installer on the other hand is linked to a particular version of Java but works on its own without extra downloads.

The error would come up at the end of the installation after Java files were downloaded and the software was seemingly installed on the operating system.

I first thought that this was related to the online installer only and tried the offline installer instead, but the error message remained.

What's the bet way to install/update Java on Raspbian, and keep it updated going forward?

There's a rather fiddly process involving calling update-alternatives for each component of the JRE/JDK.

This first method only works if you already have Java installed.