Start Updating photo gallery

Updating photo gallery

Major releases contain new features (compared to the previous major release), minor releases do not contain new features, but only bug fixes and slight improvements (like additional language files).

Remember to Update your post/page when you are finished. You’ll see two little icons – the Edit Gallery and Delete Gallery icons.

Click on the Edit Gallery icon to see the Media box, open at the Gallery tab and showing a list of the images in this gallery.

Just the act of uploading an image while editing this page/post will associate that image with the page and it will then appear in the gallery when the page is displayed.

After uploading your image(s) you can just close the Media box.

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This option is located at You can now control the emission of blue light on your Windows 10 PCs with the Creators Update.

Instead of showing blue lights late in the day which are known to stimulate the brain and impact our bodies shift to sleep mode, it will use warmer colors.

Here’s how to add new photos to a Page or Post which displays an existing Gallery within Word Press.

If your post or page already contains a gallery, you’ll see an image like this within the Word Press editing box:-To add a new photo, you can just click on the Word Press Upload/Insert icon just above the text entry box.

These are still some of the most granular controls for privacy in any version of Windows so spend some time going through these to customize your own privacy approach in the Creators Update.