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Updating rss feed

This RSS feed consists of a list of headlines, descriptions, and a link to a web page on where the full article is made available.

Monitor webpages with frequently-updated information like news, articles, jobs, press releases, products etc. Follow Web content that interests you, or use for market intelligence, competitive intelligence or data integration.

Feedity "automagically" extracts data from public webpages to create auto-updating RSS feeds.

Instantly convert online news, articles, discussion forums, reviews, jobs, events, products, blogs, press releases, social media profiles, or any other Web content into subscribable or publishable notifications.

Generate feeds for your audio or video podcasts, and deliver them to i Tunes.

Easily embed the feeds in your mobile apps for i Phone/i OS, Android or any other device.

Publish Once, Reach Many Quickly build feeds for your website to improve its readership reach, visitor engagement and search engine rankings.

You can also make feeds from relevant public websites and display them in a 3rd-party portal or CMS like Word Press etc.

Multi-Channel Distribution Keep your users informed and engaged.