Start Updating steam platform stuck

Updating steam platform stuck

That’s a bad thing to do, but it’s also understandable.

(like Razor Synapse or 1Password) Have you tried installing Steam into a fresh bottle? Did you use a different version of Cross Over before? I've let it go for 15 minutes just in case there are a lot of updates, but it appears to be a loop. I don't have any special input (Razor, 1Password, etc). (Or were you still trying to run Steam's installer from the bottle you had previously?

What really struck me, however, was Valve’s response to those curious about what would happen if they denied the updated terms of service.

The games in your account will not be accessible for future use.

Steam crashes after it finishes "checking for updates" , I have tried removing Steam and reinstalling it into the same bottle, but the problem still persists. Actually, it's not really a long standing issue with Cross Over.