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Updating textpattern

Back in March, I determined that the Textpattern blogging software contained a number of very serious security vulnerabilities, including a remote code execution vulnerability that affected every single version of the software ever released (since September 2004).

The reason I mention Textpattern twice, is because it has often been my first choice since early 2004, and often has been the second choice that got the job done when the first choice failed its mission. I started looking around for alternatives, and ended up having several “aha” moments with Word Press.

In that regard I look at Mambo and Joomla with evil, teary eyes. Only downer is the use of php in its template system.

I also had a look at Expression Engine, but the world is still waiting for the revamped version 2.0, and I don’t feel comfortable stepping into a commercial CMS in these economically uncertain times.

Clients may start demanding free open source to be used, and maybe Ellis Lab, the company behind Expression Engine will struggle in the coming years.

You could have multiple sections in Textpattern that could be organized by broad categories like “video”, “sports”, and “tutorial”.

Each of these gets their own syndication feeds, archives, and can have their own style and appearance.

Sections in Textpattern are like categories in Word Press but play a more significant role; whereas categories in Textpattern are like tags in Word Press.

I’ll stick with the Textpattern terminology when talking about these two organizational structures.

Posts are the main content type in Word Press, but you also have another kind of content called pages.

Pages are excluded from syndication feeds and the front page, and are meant for independent secondary content (e.g.

As a result, my live comments preview has been disabled for now – the plugin that runs the previews (nhn_livecommentpreview) is not yet fully compatible with the new handling of comments submission.