Start Validating a database

Validating a database

For example: model allows users to register, reset their password, and change their name.

When data is entered, Access checks to see whether the input breaks a validation rule – if so, the input is not accepted, and Access displays a message.

A Backup system is merely part of a recovery system.

If your backups can't be used to recover the database, then they're useless.

For more information about data types, field sizes, and input masks, see the article Introduction to data types and field properties.

You can define validation rules for table fields and for controls on forms.

Developers must also consider if presence validations should be backed by constraints in the schema, or if inclusion validations should be backed by check constraints.

When all is said and done, it’s not uncommon to duplicate the majority of validations in schema and models.

Do you regularly make sure that you can restore a database from your backups? There’s an old saying “Your data is only as good as your last backup.” That’s very true.