Start Vbulletin dating script

Vbulletin dating script

There is one other reason that you should not use a link to perform deletes in an application.

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To fix it I went to Add Remove Programs and removed Java

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Next to each record, there is an Edit link and a Delete link (see Figure 1). Opening the email (and allowing images in your email client) will delete record 23 without warning. Originally, Microsoft enabled you to invoke ASMX Web Services by performing a HTTP GET request. NET Framework 1.1, HTTP GET requests were disabled by default (You can re-enable HTTP GET requests in the Web.config file).

NET MVC Feature team, a surprising objection surfaced. It contains a view that renders a list of database records. Figure 1 – A Grid of database records Here’s the objection. The image could be embedded in the message with the following tag: Notice that the src attribute points at the Delete() method of the Home controller class. I had come across this security concern in the past, but had not given it much thought.

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