Start Vs 2016 error updating jscript intellisense

Vs 2016 error updating jscript intellisense

NET Files\root\b63f8236\6775085d\App_Web_statuscode.cshtml.22013bb9.1o77hs8i.dll', Symbols loaded. 'iisexpress.exe' (Managed (v4.0.30319)): Loaded 'C:\Windows\Microsoft. Eventually "something" happens and it's down to 2 minutes to load again. While the debugger was going through its hundreds of "loaded symbols" lines, I paused to see what it was doing. Wait One' Step into: Stepping over non-user code 'System. (Info here.) This slowed down vs like hell (project start-up from 2 seconds to 5 minutes). There is also complications in partial views where there is an error on the page that is not recognized immediately. The problem for me was the "Browser Link" feature that is very heavy when you have several tabs open for the same project !

NET Files\root\b63f8236\6775085d\App_Web_location.cshtml.22013bb9.b4n59gom.dll', Symbols loaded. In the above, I've got three Display Templates: "Contact", "Location", and "Status Code". Has anyone worked out if a particular folder can be excluded from antivirus to resolve the problem, please?

You'll also find documentation, background information and how-to videos for Mole in Shifflett's Mole Visual Studio Debugger Visualizer blog posts.

Another useful test and debugging tool is Microsoft's Test Adapter for Google Test, an extension designed to work with the Google Test Adapter extension and the Google Test Framework to improve unit testing support specifically for C developers using Visual Studio 2017.

It's worth pointing out again that most of these tools and extensions are written by your fellow developers and shared for free.