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What does validating mx record mean

Authentication is a way to prove an email isn't forged.

SPF and Sender ID allow a domain owner to add a file or record on the server that the recipient server cross-checks.

Caution: The documentation you are viewing is for an older version of Zend Framework.

You can find the documentation of the current version at docs.Email Address Validator — Zend Framework 2 2.4.9 documentation allows you to validate an email address.

Note You'll need to add SPF and DKIM records and verify ownership of your sending domains before you can send email through your account.

Mandrill will not send any email from unverified domains or domains without valid SPF and DKIM records, including public domains like,, and more.

A message that is rejected with the reject reason unsigned indicates that the sending domain hasn't been properly set up, and that your account is unable to send and authenticate email from that domain.

Learn more about SPF and DKIM and domain verification, or manage sending domains in your Mandrill account.

Just because an email address is in the correct format, it doesn’t necessarily mean that email address actually exists.