Start White label dating iphone app

White label dating iphone app

The Remove Branding add-on allows you to remove the branding from the Widget and Support Emails as well as use your own domain for sending out support emails.

If you're like us, you start and end your day with an app — and we're honored to have millions of people choose to start their day with ours.

Our team of data-scientists, designers, and code-monkeys are cooking up a potent mix of apps for those of us who "like", "follow", and "favorite". Apps are the best way to get tailored to your fans.

But did you know that SEO is also applicable to mobile applications, regardless if they’re reseller mobile apps or not?

In fact, mobile app SEO is very important, particularly now that every app stores is bursting with millions of mobile apps.

In my opinion you will most likely not run into any problems, and here comes the 'but': no one can guarantee it for sure.

Your instinct tells you that there might be something "wrong" here, and indeed if you'll look carefully enough into the App Store Review Guidelines (that's available to you as a developer), you'll notice the rule: "Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected".

Here are a few ways to improve your app’s marketability: 1.