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Who is beck on victorious dating in real life

I Don't know what some of these other parents are talking about!

Plus, what’s it like to be on a brand new Disney Channel show…and at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards!? Yes, it’s time to solve the mysteries of Hollywood and get some details now that we’re into Disney Channels number one new show! It’s here: Adam Irigoyen Adair Tishler Aidan Gallagher Aidan Miner Arnold Schwarzenegger Ashley Tisdale Alexa Vega Alexander Ludwig Allie Deberry Allstar Weekend Alyson Stoner Anna Margaret Anna Sophia Robb Alli Simpson Allisyn Ashley Arm Anne Hathaway Aria Summer Wallace Ariana Grande Ariel Winter Armie Hammer Ashley Argota Ashley Tisdale Audrey Whitby Ava Allan Avan Jogia Bailee Madison Bella Thorne Benjamin Flores Jr. Billy Unger Blake Michael Bradley Steven Perry Brandon Smith Bratayley Brec Bassinger Breanna Yde Bryce Dallas Howard Buddy Handleson Brooke White Callan Potter Cameron Boyce Carlos Pena Caroline Sunshine Carson Lueders Casey Simpson Celeste Kellogg Celina Martin Charlie Storwick Chelsea Kane China Anne Mc Claine Cobie Smulders Cody Simpson Cole Sprouse Corbin Bleu Corey Fogelmanis Coy Stewart Cree Cicchino Dani Thorne Daniella Monet David Henry Dan Povenmire Davis Cleveland Debby Ryan Dove Cameron Dylan R.

If you’re an entertainment Industry insider or just love some more detailed info, check out Adam’s article Why ‘Andi Mack’ Is Already the Number One Show in It’s Demographic!

Lack of episode time I suppose but not knowing what happened isn't cool! If Trina is a senior now, that would make Sinjin in his fifth year at Hollywood Arts. You'd think with all the times she attempted to murder her friends and other cases of Disproportionate Retribution, she'd be either expelled or in jail.

Unless it's the type of High School that goes from 8th to 12th grade, which it isn't since people are already referred to as Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. She flat out threatened Cat in front of both Sikowitz development wise, it shows that she's still in school after assaulting a student.

I don't know what some of these parents are looking for in tv anymore. TEACH your kids instead of trying to hide them from the world!

This show is no worse than the Brady Bunch when it comes to content. The girls mention it, what are teenage girls suppose to talk about, playing with Barbies? I just watched a full episode with my 9-year old daughter.

The stories for this community should mainly focus on these couples: Jade/Tori, Cat/Beck, Cat/Robbie, Jade/Freddie and Freddie/Cat. / Jori Tori left Hollywood Arts with no explanation to anyone but Andre.

And when you are Jade West, and that certain person is Tori Vega, things get complicated, and both of your lives change forever.

Oh, let's think about all the different kinds of honks there are. I thought I was mad, but now that I'm here, what do I have to be mad about?

Sinjin: 'Cause you're all great looking, and talented, and popular. Yeah, feel the shame, 'cause you should feel the shame.

I mean, any of us should be able to hang out with whoever we want. (Robbie pulls his head and hands in his costume) Or maybe a baseball bat. So, I hacked in, and I gave her 900 Slap followers. And you're really worried about which one of you has the most followers?