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Who is beth ditto dating

" Those lyrics (from the Jacknife Lee cowrite "Oo La La") contain the fundamentals of Ditto's album Fake Sugar: family strength, punky grit, unabashed Southernness and the rural-rags-to-rock-royalty story of our hostess, who here turns strive and strife into music that is honeyed and familiar.

Here, in what Ditto describes as the fulfillment of a "lifelong childhood dream," she speaks to another dazzling diva who loves to hog the spotlight: the singular, sensational Miss Piggy. "Miss Piggy" was one of the many things I was lovingly called by my family growing up. There are always challenges, a lot of communicating and checking in. Let's get serious for a moment—you're very outspoken on gender issues, but I don't know where you stand on species issues? MISS PIGGY: Why didn't let me interview you sooner!

You speak French, you know karate, you make assertiveness chic, you've been the editor of . I want to begin with our common background—you grew up in Arkansas, and I, too, hail from rural origins. MISS PIGGY: I understand you recently got married to your best friend. It's all about talking, talking, and listening, listening, listening. True love is about being able to accept raw emotions, no matter how difficult. Do you think it's okay for me to date outside my species? I have always said: "Style comes in all shapes and sizes. I understand you've also modeled and done the catwalk for Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier. DITTO: Big people really inspired me to work on a collection.

I just do not like writing lyrics at all, I do not enjoy it.