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We recently saw one of these tractors sold at an auction.

Many people will say that one of the differences between the 35 and the 35x is that the ‘x’ had differential lock fitted.

It looked like the symptoms of either a blown head gasket or a cracked block.

The gentleman was eventually successful in buying the tractor, so a head gasket repair on this engine may be the next job for us (hopefully not a cracked block).

However, here at Vintage Tractor Engineer we purchased a brand new ‘35 in 1962.

We were given the option of diff-lock when we bought the tractor from Bruce Clayton of Gilberdyke, and so it is fitted to the tractor (which we still use on the farm today).

So we drove a crappy Renault rental car across southern Spain, took the car on a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco, bought a giant bejeweled scimitar, and then back to Portugal in time for me to start filming again. The whole idea of, "Hey, I’ll give you money and you might give me some back? The dream would always be different up to that point, so I never knew it was coming, then I’d see a mushroom cloud.

It’s a round-trip of about 1,500 miles, and I realized that had I not gotten sober, I probably would’ve spent those three days in a bar. I’m icked out by it, and there’s stuff inside a fish that you have no business eating, but it’s a survival thing. If they decide they want something, they’re much more single-minded than men. It was probably because growing up in Scotland we used to hear American B-52s flying overhead to patrol the edge of Soviet airspace.

Not long after I got sober 16 years ago, I was filming a low-budget BBC thing in Portugal and had three days off.