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Who is dating who in the wwe 2016

But now that she’s a cast member on , we’re all going to get an up close look at it, which also means she’s going to be asked about it in interviews. “We just caught each other’s eye and were always around each other.

WWE superstar Dana Brooke is devastated over the death of her boyfriend, Dallas Mc Carver -- but says she knows the bodybuilder will be her guardian angel for the rest of her life.

The 26-year-old bodybuilding phenom passed away early Tuesday morning after apparently choking on his food at a Florida home.

“Maybe about six months in, he and I started dating.

I don’t even know if I can pinpoint exactly what it was.

I felt like I was in a position if I wanted to go that route it wouldn't have been a problem or truly affected me, but I've seen it affect other guys." When the fan interjected, reminding Ryback that the crux of the question was about who he finds attractive, Ryback continued on with his point that sexual relations can be problematic in the workplace, especially given his tumultuous relationship with WWE.

"You have to see that smashing leads to that whole different mindset altogether.

If we follow the news in WWE rumors on who is dating who, then we might experience some lack of information as there are too many mysteries.