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Who is matt stone dating

Even Titus Andronicus would have shrunk from doling out such double retribution.)The guilty parties are Matt Stone and Trey Parker, firm friends since meeting as undergraduates at the University of Colorado.

Television has seen few explosions of bad language, atrocious taste or scalpel-sharp satire to compare to South Park.

While The Simpsons has been more politely putting America under the microscope, these chronicles of four eight-year-olds in a fictional mountain town have always taken the coarsest route to the jugular, sparing nothing and no one, yet somehow keeping a sound moral compass.

I was introduced to Matt through two mutual friends.

When we met, I thought he was cute and laid back and I figured that could work for the night.

the guys revealed that they had eaten sugar cubes doused with LSD a friend had given them right before the show, which they now admit is pretty crazy.

Even crazier was that, at the time, their outfits were deemed the most radical thing they had done that night.

The creatives behind fans' favourite foul-mouthed characters revealed fun trivia and previously unseen sketches, along with pictures of themselves sitting in the dark studio from the previous evening, as the episodes aired.