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Who is missy elliott dating now

She wrote to Michael and Janet Jackson, begging them to come and save her — she already knew she wanted a future in music. "I cried every night about that," Missy told The Guardian newspaper in 2001. But sometimes we'll be in a club together and I'll find myself thinking ' But you never wrote me back when I needed you.'"As Missy entered her teens, Ronnie became even more violent towards Patricia and Missy begged her mom to escape from him and take her, too.

A longtime collaborator with her childhood friend from Virginia, the producer Tim "Timbaland" Mosley, she has also worked with Jay Z, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Madonna, Janet Jackson and many more.

To her Awards, Source Award Remix of the Year (2004) and Dirty Award Dirty Chic of the Year (2005) are the talked ones. Some even claim they dated from March, 1997 to May 1998 for more than a year.

After dating an Athletic, Basketball Player she also tried out Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg.

The hip-hop artist made a (what was supposed to be) surprise appearance during Katy Perry's halftime show at the Super Bowl yesterday, and while many jumped to their feet and brushed off those dance moves from 2002, others were very confused."Who is Missy Elliott?