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Who is tj holmes dating

He drove to Joplin from the University of Arkansas campus to hand-deliver his resume and reel. Holmes spent less than a year at KSNF as a producer, assignment reporter, and weekend anchor.

He was not able to spend more of his time at the KSNF and spent less than a year at KSNF as a producer and a weekend anchor.

Gray Davis, that resulted in the double murder trial of the Scott Peterson.

Then he joined CNN as the news anchor and correspondent and co-anchored CNN Saturday & Sunday Morning with Betty Nguyen until the Nguyen left for the CBS.

Find out all about the wedding and don't forget to learn about the personal life of TJ Holmes himself. It was the first ever wedding conducted in the middle of Times Square and the first wedding to be organized by the Good Morning America team as well, so as you can assume, it had to be big. He has also been involved with other networks like MSNBC and BET.