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Who is valentino lanus dating

It is a spur-of-the-moment operation, executed effectively but not entirely efficiently.

From: Mexico Age: 32Notable telenovelas: Clase 406, Lola: Érase una vez, Teresa, and Tierra de Reyes Why you need him: Those abs aren't gonna touch themselves. From: Ecuador Age: 35Notable telenovelas: Marido en Alquiler, Flor Salvaje, and Victorinos Why you need him: He studied graphic design in college, meaning he can easily photoshop himself into your life.

Steamy scene: Absolute proof Levy lives at the gym.

From: Mexico Age: 41Notable telenovelas: Qué Pobres Tan Ricos, Por Ella Soy Eva, and La Fea Más Bella Why you need him: Let's just say no Jane would want to be a virgin when around this hunk.

Steamy scene: Not a telenovela, but at least he's in his undies.

Earlier this year Jacqueline Bracamontes released a tell-all book where she talked about her past relationships.

In the publication she talked about a possible romance with William Levy, but she also mentioned Valentino Lanús.

Yet, there also have been recent sightings of Heard and Depp — though the privacy-obsessed Depp has been able to avoid being photographed with Heard, at least so far.