Start Worst dating mistakes women make

Worst dating mistakes women make

The survey used 1000 of its active Whats Your male members ages 18 to 45 as the study group to determine this.

However when Single Dating Diva asked if I would like to write a complimentary post about the mistakes girls make, I realized it was something I’d thought about less.

So what mistakes do us girls make when it comes to online dating?

Flirting is an integral part of every young lady`s life.

But if dealing with those who try to win your heart is easy, you may find it hard to win someone’s heart yourself.

If a woman displays disrespectful behavior, is rude, or has inappropriate beliefs and value systems – you must be willing to stop pursuing her, regardless of how attractive she is.

A survey conducted by Whats Your, the only date-auction website, polled 1,000 of its 450,000 total members and found the seven worst dating mistakes women make.

Most of them aren’t bad guys, but they are a little too naive and more than a bit misguided by the propaganda that is spread forth by our woman worshiping society. I’m sick of good men flinging themselves off the proverbial dating cliff into the arms of loneliness, despair, and yes, even masturbation.