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It could be a consensus that You Tube is an “Asian American” dominated Internet phenomenon, yet that’d be hard to believe just by seeing its frontpage. David So Comedy – David So Appeals to general youth demographic with humor regarding self-image issues (particular overweight), race, Pop Culture. Greatest asset is in his energetic speech and delivery. Wong Fu Productions – Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, Ted Fu Appeals to general Asian American young female demographic with humor regarding sappy soap-opera style dramas, lifestyle, fashion, kitsch and other trendy stuff.

If you download the version from the site, that exe will be an older version and will not work. You can tell the difference because the newer, functioning version is about 96KB unzipped, while the older one is about 49KB unzipped.

Of course, I haven’t ordered a color value proof yet, so I really don’t know what it’ll look like.

I just know that if you order the standard paper line with color, the pages are going to be coated and heavier, much like a photo.

And here are the before and after: BEFORE – Straight from my Nikon D3200, no retouching, no color correction, full 24 megapixel fine jpeg.

If you want to know how Google Chrome stores files in its cache on your computer, the code is open source and you can look it up here: in Windows Vista C:\Users\[USERNAME]\App Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache in Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache In there you will find an index file and 4 data files. Separate cache files are annotated like “f_00000xx”, the xx representing an arbitrary number.

It’s not necessarily sweet, but maybe I didn’t eat a ripe one. It’s still earthy, but it would only serve as a good source of fiber and water.

It’s crispy like an apple, but most of it is the black seeds. It’s crispy like an apple, and very juicy, but otherwise no flavor.

The actual muscle meat is okay, but I don’t like the shell.