Start Xbmc library not updating mysql

Xbmc library not updating mysql

Select Storage and then Downloads in the screen and click OK. Choose the option to back-up the library in 1 file.

I've already forgotten the process once, so here's how to get My SQL working with remote access. This means that you'll see it listed under Drobo Apps in the Drobo Dashboard for your device. just click on the Install icon and wait a few minutes. If you return to Drobo Apps after the installation has completed you'll see something like this: Go ahead - click on Start.

At the time of writing My SQL (5.6.13) on the Drobo 5N (3.1.1) requires perl to create some of the data during the installation.

You can think of updating as "check for new or changed content and get metadata for it if needed".

You should Update a library if you have: Refreshing a library or individual item causes the metadata for the item to be refreshed, even if it already has metadata.

After the basic setup, and file migration I decided to look into enabling the My SQL Server to store the metadata for my XBMC library.

As always, there are unexpected hurdles to leap over and hoops to jump through.

You can do this by adding the My SQL Yum repository to the systems (see Adding the My SQL Yum Repository) and install the latest shared libraries using the instructions given in Installing Additional My SQL Products and Components with Yum.

I recently bought a new NAS storage device: the Drobo 5N.

This isn't on the device and the errors don't really share any useful information.

You need to go to the Perl Drobo Ports page, scroll to the bottom, and download the linked near the bottom of the page.

And, as expected, if those libraries are not in place, the applications requiring the shared libraries will fail.

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